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Preventing the "Scroll-too-Quick" Crash

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The "Scroll-too-Quick" Crash:
If you use an Access Image Control on a form to display an image for each record, the image control can cause Access to crash if you scroll quickly between records. The problem occurs when starting to load a new image (by setting the 'Picture' property) while the 'Loading Image' dialog is still displayed for the previous record's image.

The error can appear in a variety of ways. You may see "Illegal operation" (Windows 95) or a "Dr. Watson" (Windows NT), "General Protection Fault" (GPF), or "Out Of Stack Space". You may see something like the error below, or nothing at all (Access just disappears).

MSACCESS.exe Exception: access violation (0xc0000005)
Address: 0x0378c6b0

Fixing the problem requires a registry tweak to suppress the "Loading Image" dialog. For full details see the article: Hide the Loading Image dialog

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