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Graph: dbPix image storage vs OLE Embedding and Linking in Microsoft Access

The Access Image FAQ

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Access Image Control Issues
Hide the Loading Image dialog ("Importing" message)
How to suppress/hide the 'Loading Image' dialog that appears when moving between records.
Preventing the "Scroll-too-Quick" Crash
Prevent Access from crashing when you move to the next/previous record too quickly.
Slow Form Navigation and Record Scrolling
Understand performance issues with images in Access.
Continuous Forms - Same Image Displayed for Every Record
Why continuous forms don't work with the Access Image Control, and alternatives you can use.
Run-Time error '2114' Microsoft Access doesn't support the format of the file
Diagnose the (often misleading) Runtime Error 2114
Shrinking & Sizing Reports with Images
Shrinking reports to avoid wasted blank space for records without images.
Tips & Tricks
Read and Write Blobs
Reading files into, and extracting files from, an OLE Object field as Blobs
Recursive Folder Search - Find Files in Subdirectories
Find all image files beneath a certain point in the directory tree
Use Relative Paths for Linked Images
Simplify configuration and maintenance, and avoid 'File Not Found' errors, by using relative paths.
Use autonumber fields for image file names
Ensure uniqueness of filenames and a fixed relationship with record data.
Get the Path to the Database (.mdb) File
How to obtain the path of the current mdb file, or the backend mdb in a split fe/be architecture.
Parse the Folder or Filename from a Full Path
Get the folder or filename from a full path.
Clean-up linked image files on record deletes
Avoid orphaned image files when users delete records.
How to display the Common 'File-Open' Dialog to Choose a File
Prompting the user to choose a file using the common 'File-Open' dialog box.
How to display the Common 'Browse for Folder' Dialog to Choose a Folder
Prompting the user to choose a folder using the common 'Browse for Folder' dialog box.