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Graph: dbPix image storage vs OLE Embedding and Linking in Microsoft Access

dbPix Revision History

dbPix 3.0.2 - Released 25th August 2020

  • Fix - Case 0000150
    Some transparent PNG images appear blank on reports.

    Fix - Case 0000154
    Setup does not overwrite an existing license key (including initial 'Evaluation' key).

dbPix 3.0.1 - Released 12th December 2016

  • Fix - Case 0000146
    After a TWAIN scan the container application may terminate on clicking 'OK' or on scrolling to the next record.

dbPix 3.0.0 - Released 1st November 2016

  • Installer Update
    Fixed the install location of the TWAIN data source manager. No change to dbPix binary.

dbPix 3.0.0 - Released 31st October 2015

  • Initial Release

dbPix 2.0.3 - Released 18th October 2005

  • Enhancement: Improved PNG support
    Additional PNG formats are supported without modifying color depth.

    Enhancement: Added Spanish language support
    User-interface now available in Spanish.

    Enhancement: Added German language support
    User-interface now available in German.

dbPix 2.0.2 - Released 15th August 2005

  • Fix: Malformed EXIF info
    Certain malformed/unexpected EXIF info could cause an error when displaying the EXIF tab on the image info window.

    Enhancement: Additional bitmap formats supported
    Certain bitmap formats (32bpp bitfields) would not paste into dbPix, requiring first pasting then re-copying using another application.

    Enhancement: No error on missing file
    Previously an error was displayed if an application tried to load or display a file which did not exist, requiring that the application first check the existince of a file to avoid this error.

dbPix 2.0.1 - Released 22nd May 2005

  • Fix: Form Print Scaling
    Images would be incorrectly scaled when printing forms (Reports, recommended for printing, were unaffected).

    Fix: Tab control focus problem
    When dbPix was used on a tab control other controls could become 'locked' or read-only.

    Fix: Images skipped when batch-loading
    Under certain conditions (a combination of image size and system performance) some images could be skipped when batch-loading multiple images.

    Fix: Problem saving small images with large EXIF data
    A problem occurred when saving images where the EXIF data became large relative to the image size, eg when creating small thumbnails and including an EXIF thumbnail. Note that in general it is recommended to strip EXIF data from thumbnails.

    Enhancement: Improved grayscale handling
    In some cases grayscale JPEG images were converted to color, increasing their size. Grayscale is now preserved in more cases.

    Sample Fix: 'AddNew' problem in Reports (external files)
    In Access 2003 a 'read-only' error might occur in the External Files report sample. The code is now updated to resolve this.

dbPix 2.0 - Released 13th May 2004

  • New Version - 2.0:
    Asynchronous (background) image decoding
    New user-friendly context-menu UI
    Lossless jpeg rotation and transformation
    Integrated EXIF viewer and improved EXIF handling
    New properties, methods and events for greater flexibility


Released 10th September 2001

  • Fix: Problem pasting 24-bit bitmap
    Fixed a problem that occured when pasting 24-bit bitmaps when the control was configured to use the jpeg format for storage. The problem caused single-pixel black line to appear at the right-hand egde of the resulting image.


Released 13th May 2001

  • Fix: Problem printing empty records on Windows 9x/ME
    Fixed a problem that occurs when printing empty or null records in Access reports on Windows 9x platforms. The problem caused Access to shutdown when a report was printed or previewed that contained an empty or null image record. The problem did not occur on Windows NT or Windows 2000.


Released 17th April 2001

  • Fix: Printing problem with unlicensed controls
    Fixed a printing problem when unlicensed controls were used with certain color printers in Access reports. The problem caused a blank square to be displayed instead of the image when a report was printed or previewed. The problem did not effect licensed controls.


Released 10th December 2000

  • Fix: Resource leak in unlicensed controls on Windows 9x
    A progressive leakage of GDI resources on Windows 9x systems when running the control in 'Evaluation mode' has been fixed. This problem did not effect licensed controls or controls running on Windows NT or Windows 2000 platforms.

  • DocUpdate: ImageLoadFile and ImageSaveFile
    Updated documentation of the ImageLoadFile and ImageSaveFile methods.


Released 6th October 2000

  • Fix: Problem with some TWAIN drivers
    Some TWAIN drivers would cause dbPix to always report a TWAIN Error when trying to acquire a picture.  This is now fixed. Note, however, that many cameras require that the manufacturer's UI is displayed in order to select a picture; if you encounter a TWAIN Error when trying to acquire without showing the manufacturer's UI then try acquiring with the UI.


Released 25th September 2000

  • Fix: External files in Access Reports
    A limitation which prevented the use of external image files in Access reports was removed.  A new sample has been added to illustrate this.

  • Fix: Norton System Doctor Issue
    Certain versions of Norton System Doctor reported a registry problem after dbPix was installed. This has been resolved.