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Graph: dbPix image storage vs OLE Embedding and Linking in Microsoft Access

DBPix Feedback & Testimonials
  • Sometimes you read glowing testimonials and assume there's a geek in the corner of the office who has been given the job of making them up. DBPix sounded too good to be true but it lives up to expectations and more.

    There are hundreds of on-line 'experts' ready to tell you that 'you can't do this in Access' - I know, I trawled through them! I also tried a bunch of poorly executed attempts at doing what DBPix does so effortlessly.

    It's the only image add-in you'll ever need for MS Access and it saved my life and my reputation with my daughter. I told her it would be a breeze to integrate her scanned fabric samples in her Access 2003 database and it was - when, at the last minute, I discovered DBPix.

  • DBPix has proven itself to be a very solid, flexible & reliable control.

    Phillip Jones

  • I have been programming in Access for 12 years now and this is by far the most useful 3rd party application I have ever seen!

    Troy Overholt
    WorkFit Medical, LLC

  • I just wanted to get back to you and let you know that it works brilliantly! Thanks again for all your help and attention to detail. It is very refreshing to work with people who are so conscientious and competent.

    Chad Hawkins
    Jet City Label

  • Just wanted to say that you've come up with an outstanding image product.

    Vito J. Vincelli
    Thin Blue Line Solutions

  • One of the best products I have ever used - worth every penny!

    Robert Hockersmith

  • Your application is truly amazing and I appreciate your prompt reply.

    James Francisco
    California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

  • Thank you! It works beautifully now. Thanks to your great product and personalized support I went from database design to delivery in less than a week!

    Dave Cook

  • It's a great control that really fills an important hole in Access.

    Ted Schaefer
    WD Partners

  • Gobsmacking is one word that springs to mind. Astonishing is another. Downloaded the freebie, and it does *everything* I wanted, and more. And I only had to write one line of code (and even I can manage that). Oh, and the same 60+ image files loaded in around 1/20th of the time, and are currently consuming a mere 260K, instead of 100Mb+. Extraordinary. You live and learn, I guess.

    Howard J. Rogers
    in comp.databases.oracle.server

  • Worked great! We have over 10,000 pictures for our City Assessor database. Your program is by far the easiest and best I've ever seen. No way was it possible without your program. I searched and searched and without a doubt there is nothing like it; period!

    Tony Honsey
    City of Galesburg

  • Very pleased with the product. 'Elegant minimalism' is the phrase I think.

    Clive Glover

  • I have never had such a helpful in-depth reply from any help team, thank you very much.

  • Thank you very much for your carefully considered advice which I will certainly take on board. Your assistance so far BEFORE I have purchased your product is very encouraging indeed. It is most refreshing to get support who really tries to look at what someone is attempting to do and then give very good response. Not just a standard sort of email that comes out with half-addressed information to the original request placed. So in the future I know I will be helped in a professional manner by support when I have purchased and registered the software.

    Particularly helpful advice was the piece about carefully considering the decision to create a directory structure for categories (flowers, animals etc) - I would certainly have given myself headaches if you had not guided my away from what I was going to do.

    Brilliant advice to date- many thanks. Not long now before I will purchase DBPix.

    David Morgan

  • Thank you so much for all your help...I must say you have been the most helpful and patient tech support I have ever worked with!

    The MacDowell Colony

  • My client loved the DBPix-enabled drag & drop image loading, and especially the zoom and manipulation features.

    Douglas Jackson
    By Results Ltd

  • Thanks for your help. I really like your product.
    It is very rare that a company is so helpful before you purchase their product.

  • Your product is awesome!

    Dave Carlson
    DAC SBS Inc.

  • I want to sincerely express my appreciation for your top-quality support of my initial learning questions. I really think you are a cut way above the normal, not only in your prompt responses, but also the excellent quality of your responses.

    Jimmie Moore

  • DBPix is a very fine product and I am very happy to have found it.

    CPT William Colon
    US Army

  • Thanks for the very quick reply. Your service is as good as your product.

  • Love your product! Saved me a ton of programming time.

  • Amazing ! You just helped me solve a huge problem.
    I really am impressed with the assistance and quick response from you guys...it encourages me to purchase software from a company with this kind of support

    Pierre Travers

  • The combination of a great product plus prompt support has saved us heaps of time for this project. Thanks again.

  • Incredible product, thanks a lot - you save me a lot of time.

    Adolfo Tamames Yraola

  • Yes !!! You nailed what I suspected from the beginning. Btw, your code worked great! Your assistance has been terrific. Thank you for your kindness, patience, accuracy, and responsiveness! Sign of a true professional !

    Gary Winslow

  • Thank you for your prompt and most helpful reply. It's refreshing that you have taken the time to think about my questions and give such an insightful and honest response. I will be recommending your product far and wide whether we end up choosing it for ourselves or not.

  • Thanks very much for this reply - You helped me obtain a lot of understanding.

    David Yeend

  • Thanks! This new version seems great!

    Mark Simon