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Graph: DBPix image storage vs OLE Embedding and Linking in Microsoft Access

DBPix Sample Source Code: getimage.asp
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<%  @ LANGUAGE=VBScript %>
<%  Option Explicit %>
<!--#include file="config.inc" -->
  ' This file gets the requested image from the database and sends it back to the browser. 
  ' By setting up the MIME headers the data stream will be interpreted by the browser as an 
  ' image, just as if it had been sent a regular image file.
  ' The referring web page (i.e. the one that displays the image) generates an image tag such as: 
  ' <img src="getimage.asp?field=Image&imgid=12" width="163" height="140"> 

  Dim strRecordId  ' Id of image to retrieve (from querystring)
  Dim strImgField  ' Name of database field containing image (from querystring)
  Dim strSQL       ' String to hold SQL to retrieve image
  Dim oConn        ' Connection object
  Dim oRs          ' Recordset object

  ' Setup HTTP Header Information so that the browser interprets the returned data as an image
  Response.Buffer = TRUE
  Response.ContentType = "image/jpeg"

  ' Open a connection to the database (connection string from include file "config.inc")
  Set oConn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
  oConn.Open GetConnectString

  ' Get the requested image id from the request object
  strRecordId = Request("imgid")

  ' Get the name of the field that contains the image we want (eg the Thumbnail or Main image field),
  strImgField = Request("field")

  ' Check that a valid id was passed
  If (strRecordId <> "") Then 

    ' Prepare the Query
    strSQL = "SELECT Id, " & strImgField & " FROM tPhotos WHERE Id = " & strRecordId

    ' Execute the query and get the returned recordset
    Set oRs = oConn.Execute(strSQL)

    ' Make sure we have a record
    if NOT (oRs.EOF AND oRs.BOF) then

      ' Make sure that the image field contains some data
      if oRs(strImgField).ActualSize > 0 then

        ' Write the Data back to client. Because MIME type is set to image/jpeg the browser 
        ' will automatically render as an image without needing controls, applets etc.
        Response.BinaryWrite oRs(strImgField).GetChunk(oRs(strImgField).ActualSize)
      end if
    end if
    Set oRs = nothing
  end if
  Set oConn = nothing

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