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MIA (Missing In Access) - Nancy Davolio

No Nancy Davolio in Access 2007

Nancy Davolio in Access 2003

Nancy Davolio in Access XP

Nancy Davolio in Access 2000

Nancy Davolio in Access 97

Where is Nancy Davolio?

Reports are circulating Usenet of new cuts at Microsoft. Unlike 'Clippy', who's departure from Office met with almost universal applause, the loss of Nancy Davolio is already being lamented by the Access community:

I am shocked.
I am destroyed.
I am riddled.
I am indignant.

What do we all do when a new version of Access arrives at our desktops?

We open Northwind.mdb
We open the Employees form.
We want to see the smile of Nancy Davolio.

The sweet mysterious smile of Nancy Davolio, where Mona Lisa simply must turn pale.

But now - Access 2007 - she is gone. No trace left. Where is she? (Sure, there is a Nancy Freehafer - but what kind of name is this? What am I going to do with this heifer? There is not even a photo).

All rise and chant with me:

We Want Nancy Davolio Back!
We Want Nancy Davolio Back!!
We Want Nancy Davolio Back!!!

Yours truly
Mathias Kläy
(read original Usenet post)

Nancy first appeared in the Northwind sample database as long ago as Access version 1.0, and Access developers have looked forward to the appearance of her enigmatic smile with each new release. But now rumours suggest that Nancy's job may have been outsourced, or that she's been forced into early retirement.

But there may be a glimmer of hope for Nancy. "Like all Access developers we're sad to see Nancy's departure from Northwind" said Bob of ammara.com "but Nancy has just the kind of experience we need, and we have a range of positions in Access sample databases that would be ideal for her. We'd simply love to have her on our team."

ammara.com develops image components for Access. read more

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