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By combining the City Property Assessor's database with digital photos, information systems staff at the of City of Galesburg's finance department developed a solution which now helps fire crews reach emergencies faster.

"We started out with a property database that has well over 10,000 records and needed a quick way to import pictures for each of those properties" recalls Tony Honsey.

"The original database was created in Microsoft Access, and we used another program to group all the pictures and divide the filename and extension, which was very important to linking the property ID with the filename.

After importing the pictures with that program into the Access database, we needed something else to import the pictures into each record. After looking on the web at different programs to use, I found your website to be very influential in trying DBPix 2.0. It was easily the fastest and most impressive program I have ever seen for this type of usage. I was done in 10 minutes and all the pictures showed up on every record, and there was no waiting time for any record. Truly amazing! It is now used by our Fire Department for quick location of houses and will probably be used by the Police Department in the future. The potential is enormous!"

DBPix the ideal way to integrate digital photo handling into a wide variety of applications, combining hi-performance and flexibility with extreme ease-of-use, for both developers and end-users. DBPix is used for building image databases and image-handling systems by governments, commercial & non-commercial organizations, and individuals, worldwide.

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