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Graph: dbPix image storage vs OLE Embedding and Linking in Microsoft Access

Photo database in MS Access

DBPix is an Image Control for building photo databases and other image management systems. It was designed to work seamlessly with MS Access, enabling you to handle photos and other images as efficiently and easily as other data types. Although Access databases are commonly thought to be very inefficient when it comes to storing and displaying photos, all these problems can be solved with DBPix. Whether you choose to embed or link your photos, DBPix provides simple and reliable configuration as well as enhanced functionality.

If you want to create a photo database, getting started is as simple as placing a DBPix control on a form and choosing the data source. Functionality like scanner and camera integration, clipboard support and browsing the filesystem require just a single line of code, and adjusting a few properties can finely tune image processing and storage options. Reports are just as easy.

Benefits of using DBPix for your MS Access photo database:
  • Raw binary image storage; no headers or OLE Object overhead, resulting in compact, portable & lossless storage.
  • Save images back to files without loss - no recompression or "generational loss".
  • Use image data directly with other applications and tools, such as Visual Basic or Web Browser front-ends or other database back ends.

Imaging for Access that's Easy, Efficient & Fast
  • NO OLE Bloat
  • NO App Dependencies
  • NO Complex Coding
  • NO Performance Penalty
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