DBPix Documentation
Version 2.0

Quick Start

This Quick Start describes creating a simple Microsoft® Access database that uses DBPix. 

The sample database included with your DBPix installation illustrates these techniques, plus some more advanced functionality. 

1Create a new database, or open an existing one. 
2Create a new Table using Design View. 
3Add a Field called 'Image' and set the type to 'OLE Object'. 
4Close the table and save it as 'tImages'. 
5Create a new Form using Design View, and select tImages as the source of the Forms' data.  
6Place a DBPix control on the form:
(Choose 'ActiveX Control' from the 'Insert' menu, or click the ctrlbtn.gif (125 bytes) toolbox button then select dbpsm.gif (95 bytes) 'DBPix 2.0 Control' from the list of installed controls.   Click and drag to set the control's position and size.) 
7If they are not already displayed show the DBPix control's properties by right-clicking on the control and choosing 'Properties'.
8Bind the control's to the 'Image' field of the Form's associated table:
(Click the 'Data' tab of the properties window then select 'Image' from the 'Control Source' combo-box.) 
9Set other configuration properties as required:
(Standard Access properties are available on the various tabs of the properties window, the DBPix properties are available on the 'Other' tab).
10Save the form and switch to 'Form View'.
11Add some images, by right-clicking the control and choosing 'Load' (or drop a file onto DBPix). Use the Forms' navigation buttons to scroll through the records. Use shift and control to zoom with the mouse, and pan around the image. Additional options are available from the menu, eg to rotate the image, or view image info (eg EXIF camera info).




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