DBPix Documentation
Version 2.0

TWAIN Scanners & Cameras

You can retrieve ('Acquire') an image directly from scanners and digital cameras which support the TWAIN standard.

On commencing an Acquire the following dialog appears:


acquiredlg.gif (3279 bytes)


Use the combo-box to select from the available TWAIN sources installed on the system.

Checking the 'Show UI' checkbox will cause the device manufacturer's user-interface to be displayed, which may allow selecting the area and some retouching of the image. 

Click 'Acquire' to retrieve the image;  the UI will be displayed if selected.

When the image has been retrieved it is displayed in the DBPix control, at which point you may click 'OK' to store the image or 'Cancel' to revert to the previous image.

Note that most modern digital-cameras support directly accessing the images via a file-system/mass-storage driver, but many webcams offer still-image capture and TWAIN acquition.



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